New Tools to Push Advertising by 2010

Tools and middleware available for the interactive advertising industry are set to take off in the next five years, according to Acacia Research Group.

Tool and middleware vendors offering artificial intelligence and other software applications are expected to see sales to the interactive advertising industry reach $190 million by 2010. Sales for 2005 are recorded at just $19.6 million, according to the report.

“It can be so much more than just Flash,” said Christine Arrington, senior analyst at Acacia. “The platforms and technologies for richer interactive communications are finally falling into place.”

Such applications are already used in video games, and in-game advertising. The offering creates possibilities for the Internet, mobile applications and other platforms, though each medium creates its own set of challenges. Mobile, for example, has compatibility issues existing between each carrier, and individual handset models.

“To deploy content across operators and handsets, you need middleware to reach all users,” said Arrington.

The tools and middleware that will aid advertising and marketing across multiple interactive channels is still in its early stages. Tool and middleware providers require some marketing of their own to be recognized by the advertising industry.

“There’s a world out there that advertisers can take advantage of, especially with the growth of broadband,” said Arrington. “It’s going to take toolmakers proving to advertisers that the tools they have can make it easier to develop interactive advertising.”

The report was compiled with primary research via interviews and surveys with product vendors; technology suppliers; professional organizations and government agencies; distributors and end users within the market where possible. Forecasts were then made based on the survey and interview findings.

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