News Flash! Mandy Moore Breaks Ankle… Mashed Up with Photobucket

Moore.jpgThe buzz around the teen news sites today followed singer and actress Mandy Moore’s recent mishap where she broke her ankle on a photoshoot in Mexico (and we hope she gets better), but perhaps the bright side is her ordeal will help get photo sharing Web site Photobucket some more attention as well.

While it might seem like an unlikely combination at first glance, Mandy Moore has partnered with Photobucket and teen social networking site to hold a contest with the ultimate prize being Moore singing at the winner’s high school graduation. The idea being that Moore has placed her latest single “Extraordinary,” along with several pictures and other media, on the Photobucket site that her fans can then put together in a “mash-up” with their own content, and submit it through Moore will then pick the winning entry at the end of the month.

Not being a Moore fan myself, or a teen for that matter, I was more intrigued with how Photobucket continues to position itself as a back end partner for social networking sites without betting on a single horse, is making specific efforts to reach out to the hard to target market of teens who use its service voraciously, and has begun making deals with content producers directly to promote its own capabilities.

“It’s really getting the users the power and ability to spread things that they are passionate about,” Photobucket CEO and co-founder Alex Welch told me. “And for the brand it’s allowing the user to get involved and touch and do thing with their provided content. In Mandy’s case it’s being able to add your own photos and content to her music.”

In addition to Moore, Photobucket has also recently inked deals with Yari Film Group to promote the ‘Kickin It Old Skool’ movie, and has done deals with Disney around Peter Pan and others. Welch told me that by getting more professional content, along with Photobucket’s regular content, flowing through his service he hopes to provide a means for advertisers to reach out to the teen demographic.

“We look at the demographic and how do we get brand as and advertisers in front of the users not just in a banner format but in interesting ways,” he said. “It’s really about getting the users the power and ability to spread things that they are passionate about. For the brands and agencies are much more affective than the :30 spot.”

I guess we can only hope that Moore will be up and about to sing at someone’s June graduation.

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