Pacific Software Publishing’s NewsMail2U email broadcasting service is a method of promoting new products and services, delivering newsletters, special offers, and other information to customers. It lets you customize each message to focus on the needs and interests of individual customers.

With NewsMail2U’s Web-based interface, you can broadcast personalized messages to your email database, even when you are away from your office. You can use this service for personalized sales promotions and offers, financial statements, invoices, newsletters, travel savings notices, healthcare and appointment reminders, product alerts, timely bulletins, and news stories.

Key features and benefits of NewsMail2U include:

  • User authentication. To ensure the security of your email database, users must supply a log-in name and password to access the system.

  • User-friendly, browser-based interface. The NewsMail2U interface is browser-based — all you need is an Internet connection and a browser. The system cab be shared easily between different company divisions without relying on your IT department for technical assistance.
  • Database uploading and downloading. Transferring databases between your system and NewsMail2U is done with the NewsMail2U Address Manager. Comma Delimited (CSV) files can be uploaded into new or existing mail groups. Conversely, databases generated through your NewsMail2U account can be downloaded into your system for other uses.
  • Automatic database generation. Customized forms for your Web site that link to your NewsMail2U account allow customers to opt-in to your email subscriber list. Information collected through these forms is directly uploaded into your NewsMail2U database files for immediate use. Automated “Subscribe” and “Unsubscribe” functions simplify your database management. Examples of customized forms include surveys, trivia quizzes, contests, and simple subscription forms.
  • Support for multiple mail groups. Multiple groups of email addresses can be created with hundreds of thousands of individual address records in each one. Email can be broadcast to multiple groups at the same time without sending duplicate messages to email addresses that are included in more than one group.
  • Message draft and scheduling functions. NewsMail2U lets you draft messages that you can view and edit anytime. You can also schedule your email broadcasts to coincide with future events.
  • “Email-Merge” function. With 32 customizable email-merge fields, you can insert personalized content into individual email messages. The maximum for each email-merge field is 256 bytes of information (up to 256 alphanumeric characters). A code allows you to insert personalized information.
  • HTML and text content support. NewsMail2U supports both HTML and text content.
  • File attachments. Up to three attachments can be added to each message.
  • Tracking and record keeping. The log manager in NewsMail2U allows you to keep a record of the number of emails you send, the content of your emails, and to whom and when you sent them. The number of hits your Web site receives in response to your email broadcasts can also be measured.
  • Unlimited email account registration. Any number of email addresses can be registered and broadcast to using the NewsMail2U system.

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