Newspaper Sites Draw News Traffic

More than half of the Internet users looking for news online surf their way to newspaper sites, according to a survey done conducted by Scarborough Research for the Newspaper Association of America.

The study surveyed online users in the top 50 US markets and found that 51 percent of those using the Internet to get world or national news said they read or looked at an aonline newspaper in the last six months. Among those seeking local or community news online, 54 percent turn to online newspapers. Less than half (46 percent) turn to online newspapersto get information about events or things to do in their local communities.

“Consumers clearly continue to value what newspapers deliver, both in print and online,” said NAA Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer John Kimball. The NAA also found that 82 percent of the online newspaper audience is reading the printed product with the same or increased frequency.

Three-quarters of those surveyed for the study said they have gone online for world, national, or local news. More than one-third (35 percent) of all online users have read or looked at newspapers online during the past six months.

Other findings of the NAA survey include:

  • 40 percent of those surveyed read or looked at classified ads online
  • Readers of online newspapers browsed classified advertising at even higher rate (55 percent)
  • Among online users, more than half (52 percent) look for medical or health information online; 49 percent look for financial or investment content; 69 percent go online for travel or destination information
  • 30 percent have purchased merchandise or services online during the past six months 50 percent of those who have downloaded Internet coupons read online newspapers
  • 53 percent of those who have participated in online auctions read online newspapers.

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