Next GOP Money Bomb? There’s an Ad for That.

ClickZ News - Politics & AdvocacyScott Brown made headlines with his one-day “Money Bomb” fundraiser that became a week-long phenomenon raking in millions for the newly-elected Senator from Massachusetts. Now, Republican primary candidate for Senate in Florida, Marco Rubio (he’s running an increasingly tight race against Governor Charlie Crist) is using a similar tactic. That’s Rubio pictured below at “Bike Night” in Clearwater, FL the other night.

And, The Senate Conservatives Fund PAC is running display ads to promote their Rubio fundraising effort – even to people outside the Sunshine State. The ad uses a photo of Crist pictured in cozy contact with the President. I just spotted one on Newsbusters, where I was reading a very important story about how the Obama Girl thinks the Prez needs to focus more on job creation.

The Republicans have become big on advertising for all sorts of things. Yesterday, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s PAC ran display and search ads on Google to promote his rebuttal to last night’s State of the Union Address. If you did a search on “state of the union” you may have seen one.

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