Next New Networks Acquires Seven Series in Revenue-Sharing Deal

Next New Networks is adding seven Web series to its lineup of online shows, part of a program launched late last year to supplement its original content with existing shows from independent producers.

The shows include the “Tamra Davis Cooking Show,” Rossella Rago’s “Cooking with Nonna,” Julian Jackson’s “JR SportBrief,” Brian Barcyk’s “Snake Bytes TV,” and a yet-to-be-named animated series from the makers of “Landline TV.”

Next New Networks launched the Next New Creators program in December as a path to finding independent producers already creating shows for the Web. The New York-based company offers these producers distribution though its existing channels, while the producers provide an inventory of existing content that the network can sell to advertisers. Both the network and the show’s producers split the advertising income through a revenue-sharing deal.

“Figuring out how the Web works, how to build an audience, how to work with brands, these are things that producers really need help with,” said Kathleen Grace, VP of programming for Next New Networks. “There are tons of people on Vimeo and and YouTube creating good series that need help finding an audience and finding sponsors.”

Grace said that Next New Networks is focusing on acquiring multiple shows within a vertical category – in this case, cooking and animal shows – so it could more easily sell cross-content packages to advertisers.

“We want to feel like it matches what we already have, that it’s growing an audience and that it’s sponsor-friendly,” she said. The company generally sells advertising packages that include a combination of banner ads, overlay ads and program integration, she said, so it’s important that shows offer integration opportunities. “The integration can be anything, from a host saying thanks to Nike to doing a series of episodes about a brand.”

Next New Networks, which is most famous for introducing the world to “Obama Girl,” claims an audience of more than a million subscribers. Its Networks include Hungry Nation, which hosts food shows; Indy Mogul, a platform for aspiring filmmakers; and Channel Frederator, a network for original animation.

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