Nickelodeon’s research study offers ‘deeper understanding’ of kids’ media usage

Nickelodeon’s new research study, ‘My Media, My Ads, sheds new light on kids’ media usage and the way in which they perceive advertising.

The study used qualitative and quantitative methods for its research, as well as up-to-date industry data from Ofcom, Childwise and Thinkbox.

Key findings include:

“Kids are everywhere”

The study shows that, more and more, children are dividing their time across multiple devices and touch points.

However, advertising is still significantly engaging and “shows high recall across a variety of platforms”.

“TV is essential”

Whilst TV continues to be the strong message driver, “layering in multiple platforms will introduce a multiplying effect, adding incremental value helping to drive KPI’s and awareness”.

The study shows that 3 in 4 parents believe cross promotion is needed in order to drive recall, improve perceptions and likeability.

 “Providing the right environment is key”

Children are more engaged with adverts placed within an appropriate environment, and “8 in 10 parents said they don’t mind advertising if it is relevant and suitable”.

The study incorporates: 10,000 minutes of online interviews with parents and kids 6-13, face to face interviews with 20 children and 8 families and facial coding techniques.


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