Nick’s Social Net for Parents

Yesterday, Nickelodeon formally launched its social networking service for parents. A New York Times story positions the launch as a move to recapture Nickelodeon viewers from the station’s heyday in the 1970’s, who have since grown up and now have kids of their own. If that were true, why not use the brand name? In any case, ParentsConnect launches in public beta with Nissan North America as a sponsor. An online ad capaign is in the works to promote the site. In Q4 and beyond, it will launch broadband video and local discussion boards, which I happen to think is key to the success of any parenting focused network. First and foremost, most moms and dads want to kvetch about the neighborhood: the restaurants, the babysitters, the pediatricians and other local services. Child rearing is a profoundly local phenomenon.

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