Nine Million Italians Online

Nine million Italians, more than 15 percent of the country’s population, have Internet access, according to Between ICT Brokers.

For now, two-thirds of the Italians with Internet access are male, but Between’s research estimates that women will constitute 40 percent of Italian users within one year. More than 5 million Italians have home access to the Internet, while just under 4 million go online at work. School and university users account for 1.1 million people, while 1.9 million use the Internet in another location.

Eighty percent of Italian male users connect to the Internet two or three times a week, compared with 65 percent of female users. Women are more likely to use the Internet at work, but they are also more likely to visit work or research-related sites than men are, according to Between. Men are more likely to visit sites in which they are personally interested.

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