No Ad Revenue Lost from NBC Pulling YouTube Clips

hulu.jpgThere are lots of stories out there today about NBC Universal hoisting its promo clips off YouTube.

A couple important points to note as confirmed with ClickZ by an NBC spokesperson:
1. These were regularly rotating short clips intended to promote upcoming NBC shows.
2. They were removed to support the launch of Hulu, the NBC/NewsCorp site and distribution play, expected to go live by the end of the month.
3. “THERE WAS NO ADVERTISING” associated with the NBC Universal content on YouTube, according to the NBC spokesperson. Sure, NBC got marketing benefits out of the deal, but she stressed, “We didn’t make money from this.”

NBC and YouTube introduced the promo partnership last June, a rapprochement following a skirmish prompted by YouTube’s hosting of user-uploaded clips of SNL’s “Lazy Sunday.”

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