No Ads in YouTube Content on V CAST

verizon-v-cast.jpgCould the YouTube deal give V CAST “800 lb. gorilla” status? That’s what Verizon Wireless is hoping, according to Jeffrey Nelson, Verizon Wireless executive director of corporate communications.

The subscription-based service will remain off-limits for advertisers, though. Nelson told ClickZ News there will be no ads served in conjunction with the YouTube content on the service. “It’s an ad-free zone,” he affirmed when I spoke with him this morning about the deal.

This will be the first user-generated content available on V CAST, which also offers content from AtomFilms, and Jib Jab, along with lots of music audio and video. The YouTube videos will be featured in V CAST’s entertainment section. The deal gives Verizon exclusive distribution rights for a limited-time, according to Nelson.

Verizon has targeted the hip youth demo with the V CAST service through promotions like the one earlier this year offering up audio and video from the SXSW indie music shinding down in Austin. “We expect this will translate nicely into the existing V CAST demographic,” said Nelson.

Don’t expect an endless array of video, though. Verizon will keep a select number of videos meeting its content, copyright and licensing standards refreshed daily.

“Part of our agreement with YouTube is they will abide by our existing content standards,” said Nelson, adding Verizon will “look at those with a critical eye before putting them up on our deck.”

There will be no sharing either. The easy passing along and embedding of video that’s facilitated the rise of YouTube will not be available through V CAST.

However, Nelson pointed to a function allowing people to upload video shot with their phones to the You Tube Web site (not the V CAST mobile selection of YouTube video, though). He added the company is “working on a way to make that very easy using identifiable short code;” however, the short code shortcut won’t initially be available.”

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