No such thing as long-term media planning?

Rishad Tobaccowala, CEO of Denuo, said this morning there’s no such thing as long-term media planning anymore. Instead, you need to approach it in a new way, that fosters faster thinking, streamlining organization, and fitting into the broader ecosystem

Important things to consider:
1. There’s no way to think your way to the future, you have to do it. Don’t let ideas “percolate” and keep going up and down in the organization.
2. Mind your organization. Don’t let the people in your organization get in the way of what you want to do. While everyone’s talking about Web 2.0, most businesses are still at version 1.0.
3. Mind your API. Learn how your product can work together with others in a network. Don’t offer a “porcupine” API that isn’t friendly.

How to enjoy the ride:
1. You have to have hard-core accountability. When your objective is to save money, use ROI. Otherwise, use “return on objective,” and tailor that to what you’re doing. Consider new metrics like engagement, interaction, consideration, and intent.
2. Iterate to metrics success through “jazziness.” Improvise, and play off other people’s music.
3. Be facilitative. If a company facilitates what people are trying to do, they’ll end up working with them. If they try to aggressively market to people, they won’t.
4. Be authentic. When Kate Moss went through her cocaine scandal, she didn’t try to spin the situation, or apologize. She has a sense of self, a value system, she’s true and transparent. That’s why she’s popular.

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