Nominate! The 2006 ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards

ClickZ is all about marketing that works; reaching the right audience, delivering the message with the greatest impact, and achieving the desired results. We know interactive marketers, more than their peers in traditional marketing disciplines, can attribute their triumphs and failures to the capabilities and failings of technology.

Whether you’re involved in media planning, Web site analytics, e-mail, or search marketing, digital tools help you do your job better and more efficiently. That’s why we’re asking for your input as we evaluate marketing tools — along with campaigns, networks, and even blogs — for the annual ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards.

Here’s how the process works. You nominate your favorite solutions in each category over the next week (nominations end at the close of business (EST) on October 24). Our editors tally the nominations and identify the finalists.

We’ll post the list of finalists on October 30, when voting begins (no ballot-box stuffing — we have our ways of knowing, and penalizing, such practices). Voting ends at the close of business on November 8.

We’ll announce the winners on November 13.

Thanks so much in advance for participating in the process that recognizes many of the unsung — but critically important — heroes of our industry.

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