Not Podcasts, But PhoneCasts

saynow.jpgSayNow is a startup with an interesting proposition for mobile. It’s kind of like podcasting to mobile devices, but it isn’t really podcasting or syndication. It’s calling.

Here’s how the company, which is currently aiming its product at musicians and music venues, describes the offering:

– you can broadcast audio messages to your fans and friends by recording from your phone or sending an mp3 from the web.

– fans and friends can listen to messages, reply, forward, and even participate in polls from any U.S. phone or their computer.

– everyone’s number is kept totally private and it’s free!

Of course, applicatons aren’t limited to music. Woot, for example, just enlisted to create a deal-of-the-day “PhoneCast.” The service can accomodate subscriptions, feedback, and a transactional commerce function, and of course, an ad model isn’t far behind.

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