Not Sure What Gift to Get Her? Try Real Gift Cards for Virtual Clothes.

StardollCard.JPGPrepaid gift cards seem to be all the rage these days. Walking out of your local convenience store it’s possible to get cards for everything from movie tickets to books to groceries. But here’s a new one… cards for virtual clothing for virtual teen girls.

Stardoll, a virtual world destination specifically for “tween” and teenage girls, has signed an agreement with GMG Entertainment to begin producing, distributing and marketing prepaid cards for sale at 1,500 retail stores in the United States. The cards will be available in denominations between $10 and $25, which is then converted into the site’s virtual currency of “Stardollars” and can be used to buy virtual clothing and accessories for users to put on their avatars. Each Stardollar is approximately 10 cents, and the virtual clothing prices usually range between three to seven Stardollars, according to the company.

What I have to wonder is if you get a card that doesn’t have any real money on it, and give it to your teenage daughter to let her buy nonexistent clothes at pennies on the dollar, are you really teaching her fiscal responsibility? Or are you just trying to be “cool?”

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