Notes on the ClickZ Track at SES

It was a long, crowded, fruitful day at ClickZ’s track on broader advertising and marketing issues on this, the first day of Search Engine Strategies in San Jose. Herewith, a few notable quotes and impressions.

At the session on video advertising, AKQA President Tom Bedecarré showed what amounted to his shop’s interactive video reel. Waitamminit. Interactive shops now have reels?

IPG’s emerging media labs’ Brian Monahan shared recent research conducted on who creates video CGM and posts it on the Web. 86 percent are young men; 72 percent are under 25; most spend less than an hour creating the submission and a third post more than a few times per month.

Hans Peter BrØndmo discussed open source marketing and exhorted the audience to “learn how to hate Google.”

Gary Stein
on the “clique”: “Don’t think of MySpace as a group of 300 million users. Think of it as 75 million groups of four people.”

Ian Schafer showed a video created by a band for their song “Die Hard.” The song plays over — you guessed it — scenes from 20th Century Fox’s feature film, “Die Hard.” Unlicensed, of course. And here’s the punchline: one of his account executives plays in the band. Oh, and Fox is a client. They don’t know about the video, but betcha they will soon.

Later, in discussion about all the copyright fallout surrounding YouTube, someone accused marketing executives at TV networks and film studios surreptitiously posting videos, then praying legal would stumble over them. PR is born.

TerraPass‘ Adam Stein wowed the audience by explain how his $0 marketing budget, together with some judicious blogging and e-mailing, led to coverage in both “The New York Times” and “The Los Angeles Times,” resulting in a deal with Ford.

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