Number of Kids Online Growing

The number of Internet users under the age of 16 will surpass 77 million by the year 2005, according to Computer Economics.

Most of the growth will come from North America and the Asia Pacific area. The growth in Europe will not be quite as dramatic.

“The number of children throughout the world using the Internet will increase dramatically over the next six years and will become a huge market,” said Computer Economics’ Director of Research Michael Erbschloe. “While growth amongst European children will not be as rapid, the market there of over 15 million Internet users under 18 years old will be nonetheless very significant.”

Earlier this year, NOP Research found that one in three children ages 6-16 in the UK have used the Net, with another 1.8 million getting on this year.

The number of Internet users in the Asia Pacific area will increase nearly fourfold from 2001 to 2005. However, even though the rate of growth will be higher in the Asia Pacific area than in North America, Computer Economics reports there will still be more kids using the Internet in North America than in the Asia Pacific area in 2005.

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