Number of Spanish Users Rising

Almost 2.25 million Spaniards, 6.6 percent of the population, have Internet access, according to a study by the Spanish Internet Users Association (AUI). It predicts that the number will rise to 8.74 million by 2001.

The study found that the typical Internet user in Spain is male (78 percent), under 37 years old (80 percent), with a third-level qualification (70 percent), and a high-income level. More than 94 percent of those surveyed access the Internet to surf the Web and to send email.

Sixty-three percent of respondents had never made an online purchase. Of those who had, 27 percent had purchased computer software, 23 percent had purchased books, 16 percent had purchased CDs and tapes, and 8 percent had made travel reservations online. The overwhelming majority (85 percent) of online purchases made by those in the study were under $70.

Of those who made on-line purchases:

  • 71% believe it is more convenient
  • 49% said it was cheaper
  • 35% said the Web allowed them to make a more informed purchase
  • 20% prefer shopping online because they were not under pressure from the merchant
  • 15% know what they want to buy when they go online.

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