NY Transit Authority’s Webinar Falls Flat

metrocard.jpgThe New York Metropolitan Transit Authority’s “Public Engagement Webinar” turned out to be the road to nowhere.

The MTA’s proposed fare hikes have been strongly opposed by riders. Following several months of public hearings, the body decided to at least not to commuters by offering them an opportunity to weigh in on the fare hikes, and to ask questions of officials.

According to reports, their efforts fell flat — together with the technology. Participants failed to get their questions answered, or to see questions posted by others as promised.

The MTA has apologized for the disconnect and is promising to answer questions on its site.

It’s doubtful New York’s bus and subway riders are feeling any more empowered — obviously the point of the Webinar — nor any happier about looming fare hikes. Blog posts and comments on MTA-related news stories are dominated by enraged riders venting their collective spleen.

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