NYC Marketers: Let’s Meet for a Drink on Tuesday

red_snapper.jpgThe last one went off so well, we’re doing it again!

Shake off those post-Labor Day blues before they even set in by meeting the fabulous Dana Todd (of SEMPO and SiteLab fame) and yours truely for drinks Tuesday from 6-8 at Nolita House, 47 E Houston (between Mulberry & Mott map).

The point is to show up, have a drink (which you pay for yourself), meet new friends, renew old contacts, and schmooze — all without going to a tradeshow! No pitches, no agendas, no RSVPs (really, please don’t call and ask if you can bring so-and-so. I’m blogging this, for heaven’s sake! ).

Just. Come.

People keep asking Dana and I when we’re going to do it again. Well, here it is. If you missed it last time, please come this time. Goodness knows it’s hard enough for the two of us to nail down a date when we’re both in town at the same time. But that’s the point, isn’t it? This whole idea was born when Dana and I were talking about all the people you like in the industry, but never see outside of official events.

So very unofficially, hope to see you Tuesday.

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