NYTimes.com Branding Campaign Promises ‘All the News That’s Fit to Click’

The New York Times Co. has launched a new branding campaign in support of its flagship Web property, NYTimes.com, by putting a new twist on a very familiar slogan.

The phrase “All the News That’s Fit to Click” will appear in television, radio and taxi top ads in addition to print exposure on the Times’ own pages, but the main thrust of the campaign will consist of placements on 30 different sites around the Web. Those executions will run on news and information sites including CNN and ABC.com, vertical properties, and the majors, including Google and Yahoo, according to Murray Gaylord, vice president marketing NYTimes.com.

“We will have some outdoor and some taxi tops and a little bit of radio and TV, but the real focus is we obviously believe strongly in the power of the Web and we want to use the medium that will be most effective in getting the message out there,” said Gaylord.

As NYTimes.com has been online for the past 12 years, Gaylord didn’t call the new campaign with the altered Times tagline a “new push” to promote the site, but rather described it as an effort to let readers know it has features beyond what they find in the paper.

“We have research that [readers] think it’s the newspaper online, and certainly it’s a lot more than that,” he said. “If we can let people know what we have we’ll get more people in total coming to the site, but also get them more engaged when they see the videos we have, the slideshows, the interactive players. We have a lot of reporters blogging and having dialogs with our users.”

Campaign creative will feature a number of blogs available on NYTimes.com, including The Caucus, written by the Times’s political beat reporters; City Room, a blog about New York City from The Times’s Metro staff; and DealBook, about mergers and other financial news.

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