NYTimes.com Still Running Pop-ups

Pop-ups don’t get anywhere near the attention from the trade media or industry pundits and research firms the way they used to a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean they’re not still around, and on big name sites, too. I just clicked through from The NY Times Advertising section RSS feed to a story about how ads are glorifying revolutionary images from the 60s. When the page loaded, this ad for a Starwood Hotels credit card appeared.


Sure, this wasn’t the homepage or a section main page, but it was an article published today, not archival content that would be considered remnant inventory.

Are pop-ups still considered valuable to advertisers and publishers? Of course, and if they’re frequency-capped, and publishers don’t get greedy in terms of serving up too many of them, I suppose they can be of value to some consumers, as well…maybe.

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