O2 Launches Interest-Based Mobile Ad Product

U.K. mobile network operator O2 has unveiled a new advertiser product called O2 More, through which it aims to target ads and offers to users based on their own expressed interests.

The opt-in program requires users to register their interests and preferences via a website at O2More.co.uk. That information is then combined with data already held by the network — such as demographic, geographic and behavioral data – and used to target individuals with messages and offers via SMS and MMS. To enhance tracking and reporting users can also be driven to mobile sites or landing pages to redeem offers, coupons, or discounts.

According to O2, major brands have already signed up to the scheme, including Adidas, Cadbury Gifts Direct, Interflora and Blockbuster.

Commenting on the launch, Shaun Gregory, managing director of O2 Media, said mobile advertising has been slow to deliver its early promise, largely due to “a lack of understanding, limited opportunities and no real accountability or measurement.” The simplicity and accountability of the new service will help change that, he said.

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