Obama SEO Wins and Losses

ClickZ_Campaign08_katefinal.jpgApparently a lot of people want to know whether Barack Obama is a Muslim. So they Google things like, “Barack Obama Muslim.” At Wednesday’s Politics Online Conference in Washington, D.C., search marketing consultants discussed how SEO can be used to counteract the barrage of negative results appearing in such searches. One way the site could improve rankings: if the page title were more specific.

A listing linking to BarackObama.com scores points for linking to a very relevant page, which states the candidate is a “committed Christian,” and includes lots of video and text supporting that. However, the page title is totally generic: “Barack Obama/Change We Can Believe In.”

Another Obama SEO error: the homepage features a giant image and lacks sufficient text, so as far as search crawlers are concerned, the page may as well be blank.

I guess Obama site optimizers can also make a few…er…changes.

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