Olympic-Sized Traffic

olympics_logo.jpgNBC released some tidbits about how its multi-platform strategy is panning out. A few items about NBCOlympics.com:

  • Record number of page views (232 million) in the first week, surpassing the total number from the entirety of the Salt Lake Olympics with 11 days remaining in the Torino Games.
  • 5.9 million video streams, which equates to more than 67,000 hours of video watched through Saturday.

Randy Falco, President and COO, NBC Universal Network Television Group, said:

Our multi-platform strategy is working. The plan coming into the Games was to use all of our platforms to aggregate the largest possible audience. In a media landscape that is constantly fragmenting even further, we are reassembling the audience. We continue to expand our audience, reaching them everywhere they consume media, in different dayparts, on cable and online. We’re in the viewership business — that’s what we sell — and we are succeeding in increasing our viewership across the platforms.

NBC Universal has gotten slammed for lackluster coverage and TV ratings. Does NBC’s coverage really suck, or is it just difficult to measure multi-platform media? Maybe both are true.

EXTRA: Check out traffic numbers from 2002 in Salt Lake.

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