Onion to Unveil Historical Video Treasure Trove

jimanchower.jpgIt had to happen. The Onion News Network is coming late this month, according to a Wired report. That means original video clips produced by a new production team. And this may be the best part: programming will feature footage covering news the media outlet supposedly has covered over the past 75 years. No word yet on the ads….

I guess newspaper-phobic youth can now learn history through comedy as well as current events.

Well, I’m crossing my fingers we’ll get to see some live commentary from The Jim Anchower. A girl can dream, can’t she? Haha.

Speaking of news parody, I figured I’d check out what ModernHumorist and the precursor to all this stuff, National Lampoon, are up to video-wise. Well, MH is definitely lacking in the vid department. National Lampoon has a bunch of clips prominently featured on its homepage. The one I watched featuring the diapered astronaut’s new Huggies commercial was pretty lame, though.

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