Online Retail Revenue Up 300 Percent

In the past year, retail, entertainment, and other Web sites catering to consumers (half of all online business sites) have been the fastest-growing category on the Web, according to ActivMedia. Average monthly sales revenue (among retail sites that generated revenue) now stands at $40,273, up from $13,260 at the same point in 1997.

More than one-third of the retail sites in ActivMedia’s study sell products for under $100, and nearly as many sell products between $100 and $999. One in six of the sites promotes products costing more than $1,000. (See Table for details.)

Low-end retail remains the one area where the Web is not an effective media, according to ActivMedia. Fewer than 2 percent of all retail sites sell products costing less than $10.

Retail sites are among the more heavily “netcentric,” according to Activmedia. On average, retail sites derive 30 percent of total business revenue from Web enterprise. Twenty-five percent derive over half their revenue online. One in six have 90-100 percent dependence on online business.

For 38 percent of businesses, the Web represents fewer than 10 percent of total business revenue.

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