Online Retail Sales Grew in 2005

Internet spending for 2005 gained 22 percent over 2004 spending. Data released by comScore Networks finds total Internet spending, including travel, hit $143.2 billion in 2005.

An estimated 6 percent of all non-travel consumer retail spending (excluding expenditures for autos, gasoline, and food) is spent online, according to the research firm. Of the total online spending, $82.3 billion was spent on non-travel retail and $60.9 billion was spent on travel.

Online Consumer Spending, 2004 and 2005
2004 ($B) 2005 ($B) Change (%)
Holiday Season (November and December)
Non-travel (retail) 15.7 19.6 25
Travel 7.4 8.6 16
Total 23.1 28.2 22
Full Year
Non-travel (retail) 66.5 82.3 24
Travel 50.7 60.9 20
Total 117.2 143.2 22
Note: Spending excludes auctions and large corporate purchases.
Source: comScoure, 2006

Apparel and accessories was one of the fastest-growing categories, with a 36 percent gain over 2004 totals, accounting for $12.2 billion in sales. Computer software, excluding PC games, also spiked 36 percent over the previous year.

Selected Product Categories’ Sales Growth, 2004 and 2005 (%)
Apparel and accessories 36
Computer software (excludes PC games) 36
Home and garden 32
Toys and hobbies 32
Jewelry and watches 27
Event tickets 26
Furniture 24
Flowers, greetings, and gifts 23
1. Sales exclude auctions and large corporate purchases.
2. Sales are non-travel online comsumer spending.
Source: comScore, 2006

Online Holiday Retail Sales November 6 January 1 2003, 2005
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Online sales for the 2005 holiday season posted gains over 2004’s. Online retail has increased in sales each holiday season, as consumers become more comfortable with online shopping.

Total online sales for the 2005 holiday season reached $19.6 billion for non-travel retail. This is a 25 percent increase over the same period in 2004.

ComScore data are taken from a global panel of more than 2 million consumers. The research firm obtains explicit permission to confidentially capture the browsing and transaction behavior, including on- and offline purchasing.

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