Online Shines, Print Dims for New York Times

The New York Times’ Digital unit brought in 37 percent more revenue in February than it had the same month in 2003, the company said. But things aren’t so bright for the publishing firm’s print publications.

The company attributed the growth to an increase in display advertising and in all classified categories at and That added up to about $6 million in revenues for the month, as compared to $4.4 million in February of 2003.

As of March 1, New York Times Digital had brought in around $13 million, up about 40 percent from the first two months of the previous year.

As for the company’s newspaper operations, its flagship New York Times Newspaper Group, which includes The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune, was down 2.7 percent last month, as compared to the same period in 2003. The company’s New England Newspaper Group was down 1.5 percent. The sole bright spot in print publishing was the company’s Regional Newspaper group, which brought in 1.7 percent more revenues.

Print still accounted for around $151 million in revenues for the New York Times Company in February — a figure beside which online’s $6 million looks paltry.

Company officials said the print operation found telecommunications, banking, international fashion and fashion advertising growing, but they couldn’t make up for weakness in the technology, entertainment, advocacy, corporate and American fashion categories.

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