Online Travel in UK Taking Off

High-income households in the UK will be primarily responsible for a boom in the booking of online travel in that country. According to INTECO Research, leisure flights purchased over the Internet will be responsible for more than $660 million by the year 2003.

These results are from a representative survey sample of UK households with an income of more than $41,000. Of those surveyed, 53 percent fly to a leisure destination at least once a year. The study also estimated that 22 percent of high-income households in the UK have Internet access, and 25 percent of them have visited an online travel agency.

Travel Web sites are the third most popular type of e-commerce site in the UK, the study found.

Sixty percent of those surveyed would like to be able to book their flights using digital TV. Ninety percent have Teletext, and one-fifth of them have used it to book a flight. The Internet industry offers better service and deals, leading INTECO to predict a bright future for online travel in the UK.

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