Oodle Goes Local

sofa.jpgOodle is continuing to branch out its classifieds aggregation services, this time fueling Local.com’s classifieds. The local biz listings site is now featuring Oodle’s real estate, auto, merch, and other classifieds.

Local.com also recently added jobs and seasonal holiday shopping specials in its search, too. The site allows users to refine searches according to things like color, price, year, etc.

I did a trial search on “sofa” in “Jersey City, NJ” which resulted in several listings from furniture stores and professional Ebay sellers, as well as a recently-deleted entry from Village Voice (via its free listing service Backpage.com). Of course, a few were from average Joes looking to unload their old couches.

Still, it looks as though Craigslist isn’t the only free classifieds site dealing with bad players. With so many sites crawling the Web for or getting feeds from classifieds sites, the spam, scams and other ads mucking up the free classifieds space are that much more pervasive.

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