Opt In Inc.

Opt In Inc. offers experience, technology, and talent to help marketers create, deliver, and track captivating and effective email marketing campaigns. Marketers are able to build and maintain profitable client relationships. Opt In Inc. has several solutions for permission marketing:

  • Target marketing (CPM) — Reach tens of millions of subscribers on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis. Lists are segmented by subscriber profile, occupation, and subscription source.
  • Pay-for-performance marketing (CPA) — Reach tens of millions of subscribers without risk on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis with the Opt in Network. This network is designed exclusively for consumer mass appeal offers.
  • Customer marketing (eCRM) — Opt In’s customer relationship management (CRM) product can help you build enduring and profitable relationships with your existing customer base.
  • EmailAppend Plus — Opt In’s eMail AppendPlus service appends email addresses onto your existing customer files.
  • Creative services — Opt In has creative experts to create emails and support pieces to reach your marketing goals. This includes email design (text or HTML), campaign landing page design, rich media, copy writing, and Web development.
  • Tracking and analysis — Opt In provides real-time campaign analysis with its OPT TRACK system.

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