Optimost Debuts Service to Help Sites Optimize By Segment

Marketing services provider Optimost unveiled a hosted service to optimize Web and email landing pages based on audience segments.

“Instead of just optimizing copy, layouts and offers for the audience in aggregate, our technology platform now also lets you optimize all of these factors by individual audience segments,” said Mark Wachen, CEO and founder of Optimost. He said the tool helps marketers to understand what influences conversion, and maximize ad revenue based on audience composition.

Optimost’s audience segmenting functionality enables real-time, multi-variable testing based on audience characteristics such as keywords they searched for, ad banners they saw, and where they came from. It lets clients optimize based on any combination of factors, so a user could optimize a site based on visitors who searched for “men’s sweaters,” using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0, who have Macromedia Flash installed.

Ask Jeeves, NextStudent and RealNetworks have used Optimost to segment and test their audiences. Clients can experiment with variables like copy, layouts, offers, and images, then optimize the page based on real-time customer results.

Besides showing the overall effect of the content, Optimost lets marketers focus on the individual factors that influence response rates so clients improve conversion rates, decrease abandonment rates and generate more revenue per click, Wachen said.

“We were able to quickly determine the optimal landing page with the best combination of copy, graphics and layout variables for any given ad creative to better maximize conversion,” said Julie Ortiz, VP of direct marketing at Ask Jeeves.

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