Organic Offering Digital Strategies as a Service

Digital communications agency Organic has launched a service whereby marketing executives can have their online media strategies assessed by the agency team, which will provide a second-opinion on whether they’re doing enough online.

The engagement strategy service offering, as the agency calls it, will be available to its own clients as well as to marketers with existing agency-of-record relationships. But don’t call it “consulting,” said VP of Strategy James Kim.

“What we’re really doing is focusing on taking some of the kinds of work we’ve been doing for existing clients, the strategy work, and productizing it to some degree,” said Kim. “To take key aspects of the kinds of guidance or strategic advice that we have been providing already and using it as a way to really productize it and get out there and look at ways we can work with clients who haven’t traditionally been available to us. It’s simply, ‘hey look I need a second opinion that validates or reinforces what I’m hearing from creative agencies.'”

Organic is officially offering three stand-alone strategy services, including Persona Creation, which researches how to target what a consumer is actually doing and how they interact with media, a topic Kim says is “a thing we think a lot about at Organic.” The agency will also explore how clients can utilize the latest digital media and emerging platforms as a Digital Engagement and Persuasion service offering; and help companies develop an over all digital media plan through a Digital Mix Planning and Optimization service offering.

Organic decided to make the new service offering available as a result of seeing a large number of marketers fail to follow their customers and shift a significant portion of their advertising dollars online, as well as to reach out to potential new clients, said Kim.

“In nine out of 10 instances, while the media mix has shifted, the creative mix has not. We’ve realized that clients are at very different stages of what we characterize as this new media quotient, they are at different stages of adoption or success in leveraging the digital medium for marketing,” he said. “We believe that companies have shifted spending and feel like they’re staying abreast of the medium and the ways it’s changing, but it’s changing even faster than it has been traditionally. And to stay abreast of that they need key inputs.”

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