Over 1 Million Belgians Online

The number of Belgians connecting to the Internet in the first six months of 1998, was 1.32 million, or 15.9 percent of the population, according to a study conducted by Initiative Media Brussels.

The number of respondents who said they surfed the Web at least once a week was 46.5 percent, up from 29.5 percent in December 1997. The study found that in a given week, more Belgians are likely to access the Internet, (7.5 percent) than go to the movies (6.6 percent).

Of respondents who surf the Web at least once a week, 16.7 percent said they surf the Web every day, 20 percent said five or six days a week, 22.7 three or four days a week, and 40.7 percent said once or twice a week. Men are twice as likely as women to surf the Web at least once a week.

The study is based on a telephone survey of 2,032 Belgians, over 15 years old, and the margin error is 2 percent.

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