Over Half of Singapore’s Population Is Online

About 65 percent of Singapore’s population is online at least moderately or count themselves casual users. That’s according to survey results released by Media Development Authority (MDA), a group formed to focus on and develop Singapore’s media industry.

The survey finds that 65 percent of Singaporeans use the Internet at least moderately. A good number of the population (55 percent) has at least a moderate ability to comprehend and discern information found on the Internet. Twenty-two percent of the country’s residents encourage or aid others to use the Internet.

Internet users have access to international sites, including U.S.-based Web sites. Almost half of the Internet-using populace (33 percent) regularly produces content on the Internet. Content includes blogs, Webcasts, and podcasts.

The MDA released its findings in conjunction with MediAction, a public outreach initiative to engage and inspire activities for students, parents, educators, and the public. The events and other encouragement are meant to further adoption and involvement in Internet usage throughout Singapore.

“The media landscape is undergoing an exciting transformation, especially with the emergence of interactive and digital media. We will continue to fine-tune our outreach strategies to increase the sophistication in the use and creation of media content,” said Michael Yap, deputy CEO at MDA in a statement.

A survey was fielded to over 1,000 Singaporeans aged 15 to 49 in July and August. Its goal was to measure the sophistication and attitudes of Singaporeans toward the Internet.

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