Paid Classifieds: So Passé?

Will people pay to post ads for garage sales and dog walking services on their local TV station Web site when they can do so on Craigslist, Google Base, other listings sites — and in the future possibly their own local newspaper sites — for free? That’s what’s new media division Classified Concepts is betting on as it launches its Broadcast Edition for Television system. It enables TV station site visitors to create classifieds and pay by credit card (they’re suggesting a $10-$15 fee).

Of course, there’s a mapping component here. The system automatically posts the ads and incorporates them into an interactive map display.

Considering the growing number of free listings services for individuals on local-centric sites, and the drive for locally-relevant sites (like TV Station sites) towards enabling CGM to build community and, yes, more ad pages, this pay-to-play system seems a bit behind the times.

But, maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see….

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