Pajamas Becomes Open Source Media

The newest blog network on the block officially launches this morning. The working title of Pajamas Media has morphed into Open Source Media (OSM). And a splashy launch it is — at New York’s fabled Rainbow Room.

We’ll have a story up later today once the launch is over. Before the event kicked off, I did manage to chat with CEO Roger L. Smith and Tom Troja, who is overseeing ad sales as VP of marketing and biz dev. Both told me the company considers ads on blogs to be very nascent. They company is considering any and all possiblities, including new formats. No promises that ads on the network’s blogs will adhere to IAB standard formats (and no announced advertisers yet, either). Should be interesting to watch this develop — and whether advertisers will bite if OSM goes its own way in that respect.

Still, this is a company that obviously knows how to prepare for a room full of bloggers. Not only is there the obligatory wi-fi, but extra power strips for one and all. Take note, you conference organizers out there.

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