Palin Still Wants Your Money

ClickZ News - Politics & AdvocacyIt ain’t rabbit season or duck season but it’s always a political season, at least when it comes to fundraising. So, who wants your money? The soon-to-be former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, for one. Then there’s the much lesser known Jesse Kelly. The U.S. Marine is running for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District on a “fiscal sanity” platform. (Doesn’t he know that’s an oxymoron in government?)

Anyway, SarahPAC, Palin’s Political Action Committee, and Kelly are running display ads on DrudgeReport (thanks to former RNC online director Cyrus Krohn for posting about the SarahPAC ad on Facebook).

Of course, we all wanna know what Palin plans to do with her PAC money. The committee is “Dedicated to building America’s future, supporting fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation.” I guess fresh ideas aren’t free. One thing I can assume is that McCain’s digital ad consultancy Connell Donatelli is probably handling the campaign.

So, how can a virtually unknown candidate like Kelly afford to run ads on Drudge? Well, his camp could be using the “revenue share” model. The McCain campaign did it themselves in the ’08 election when the financing wells were dry. Essentially, they paid a cut of the donations driven through the ads to publishers that ran the ads, like Drudge. So, they didn’t have to pay anything up front. Kelly may be doing the same thing.

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