Panache Offers Buffet Approach to In-Video Formats

Video ad vendors have tended to specialize. The first wave of in-page video ads was supported by the likes of EyeWonder, PointRoll and DART Motif. As video consumption took off, LightningCast and others pioneered pre- and mid-roll ad insertion. Today of course the big money’s on alternative in-video placements, mainly bugs and other overlays, courtesy of publishers and ad networks like VideoEgg, Joost, YouTube and ScanScout and their specialized (and sometimes patented) ad units.

A few firms are trying to offer numerous in-video placements on the same menu. YuMe networks comes to mind. Another, new to the scene, is Panache. Unlike YuMe, Panache will not attempt to sell ads, but rather to supply the technology framework for publishers to broker their own inventory in whatever formats they choose. In that respect it resembles the rich media ad vendors of old (the ones mentioned in the second sentence of this post) more than the new breed of hybrid tech firms/ad networks like VideoEgg that specialize in one or two units.

Panache’s first publisher relationship is with, a user-generated and short-form video site for young guys. Naturally most brand advertisers won’t go within a mile of it.

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