Parties Back McCain and Obama’s Online Ad Strategy

ClickZ_Campaign08_katefinal.jpgAn interesting point made in SendTec’s latest report on Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s search ads is that “the McCain campaign is not bidding on any terms relating to [William] Ayers.”

The thing is, though, the Republican National Committee has been buying Ayers-related keywords; the RNC uses Campaign Solutions, the online consulting firm handling McCain’s Web efforts. Last week I spotted an RNC ad in search results for “Obama domestic terrorist” and “Obama Ayers.” Those link to, a Facebook spoof naming Ayers as a member of Obama’s “Friend Feed.”

The fact is the presidential campaigns have been in lock-step with their parties, at least when it comes to some campaign components. The Obama campaign, for instance, has run the same display ads as the Democratic National Committee – aimed at voter registration.

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