Paying For Play at SayHeyHey

Sayheyhey.bmpOnline dating sites are nothing new, but the latest site to go live has me amused not just because of its wacky kids looking for love, but for its adoption of some interactive advertising tricks, namely pay-for-placement and ad supported video.

SayHeyHey officially launched this week as the brainchild of Alex Gurevich and Soudy Khan. The site lets singles record and share videos of themselves for free, including Penny from Berkeley who’s apparently into guys with glasses and Nick in San Francisco who’s looking for a girl who likes girls. Silliness aside, a quick check of the site didn’t show any advertising running with the videos as of yet, but approximately 500 videos are running so far.

The company did me that they’re planning to add pay-for-placement early next year, so lonely hearts with some extra cash will be able to purchase more prominent placement of their videos. After all, who needs personality in their singles profiles anymore if they can just buy their way into the dating clutches of other lonely singles?

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