PayPerPost Latest to Randomly Pair Consonant, Vowels

izea.jpgMaybe PayPerPost has realized sometimes it’s better not to be so blunt. In the tradition of Philip Morris/Altria, Gator/Claria and Leaf/Joaquin Phoenix, the paid blogging service has changed its company name to the similarly nondescript yet vaguely airy and appealing “Izea.”

Since launching its pay-to-post offering, the company has introduced a variety of additional services including blogger e-mail marketing app and, a service that purports to transmit blogs into space. Izea will act as the new corporate umbrella name for those and other brands, including, which will retain its brand name.

“The name change comes just days before the scheduled unveiling of IZEA’s highly anticipated new service, codenamed Argus,” notes a press release from the company. Set to be unveiled at the firm’s annual PostieCon event for its paid bloggers November 10, the service looks to be some sort of social media marketing play.

I guess it makes sense to establish a new name under which several brand names live, but I can’t help but wonder if there are other reasons. Could it be the name would be more appealing to the investor community? Even with the old name, the controversial company has startled many by scoring millions in investor funding. Could an IPO be next? I have no insider info, just speculating.

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