PayPerPost to Serve Eggs at Big Conference

Much to the dismay of blogging purists everywhere, one of the most well-known and respected bloggers around, Robert Scoble of Scobleizer fame will be keynoting an event hosted by none other than PayPerPost. If the world does not come to an end before June 1, the two-day conference, deemed “PostieCon ’07,” will feature presentations, group discussions and networking opportunities galore.

The theme of the Orlando event is “You’re a Rock Star,” referencing PayPerPost’s promotional Web “reality show” (which I was filmed for actually, and never checked to see if I made the cut). Apparently, according to the conference site, the intention is to “emphasize the goal of helping bloggers create better, more well-known and more profitable web sites.”

Man, isn’t it bad enough chicks like Britney Spears wear shirts that say, “Rock Star” on ’em? Now everybody with a blog who gets paid to write about advertisers is one? Hendrix is in great company….

It’ll be interesting to hear what Scoble says during his keynote. Ya never know what he might say. But, if his presence ain’t enough to get you out to the land of Disney, surely the fact that attendees will be provided “Breakfast (with eggs)” oughtta do it.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re sponsored, too.


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