“PBS of the Web” Enters Pilot Phase

ManyOne Networks has released the pilot version of Digital Universe, a consumer-generated site that’s been touted both as the next Wikipedia, and as “PBS of the Web.”

From the press release: “Over the next several years, the Digital Universe will transform the experience of Web portals from advertising-ridden pages of text and pictures into an advertising-free, real-time multimedia universe of authoritative information.” The project will consist of multiple portals, all ad-free, all with a customized multimedia navigation system. Some will be consumer-generated, while others, like the Digital Universe Encyclopedia, being led by Dr. Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, will be the work of a worldwide network of stewards — researchers, scholars and educators.

The utopian version of today’s Web will be funded by corporate and individual donations, along with private-labeled services to “socially responsible” institutions, corporations and individuals. Services include Web hosting, e-mail, IM and multimedia content, with plans for IPTV and online games.

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