Pepperjam Joins M3 to Take Lead Gen Mobile

With intent to expand its full-service marketing agency beyond primarily Web-centric activities to encompass mobile, Pepperjam has formed a joint venture with M3 Mobile. The partnership, which was formed with an investment from Pepperjam, is known as pepperjamMobile Powered by M3 Mobile.

The joint venture incorporates services from both companies while bringing in new, integrated services. As Pepperjam clients are accustomed to lead generation services online, the new offering brings similar services to mobile. Banner ad units get users to enter their mobile phone number or other information to request product details or receive a coupon.

Mobile services through the firm are being offered to all of Pepperjam’s clients, which include DKNY,, RocaWear, the Washington Redskins, Countrywide, New Line Cinemas, and the BBC. Pepperjam CEO Kris Jones said several of the agency’s 450-plus clients are testing the mobile solution, and many are considering the platform, though he would not name any clients currently in trials or who have committed to mobile advertising with the new outfit.

“For the last year and a half we’ve been gradually increasing our services we offer our clients,” Jones said. “Gradually, we’ve been looking for opportunities to integrate with clients to grow the business, with mobile marketing, and looking for a partner.”

In turn, M3 will offer Pepperjam’s Internet marketing services including pay-per-click, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and online media buying to its clients. The emphasis in the relationship, however, is on the mobile side. The two companies have worked for over six months to forge the deal, and iron out the technology.

List-building through the venture is managed by M3 Mobile. It is not uncommon for marketers to collect phone numbers and other information from users, though it often comes from text messages. In this case, however, much of the information or data is collected within banner units.

The new service is compliant with Mobile Marketing Association guidelines, which were recently updated.

Currently, M3 has the ability to create list segments by demographics, and send to those demographics. Within the joint venture, the partners plan to continue development on future product offerings.

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