Perfectly Portable

I have a box full of USB drives, which are totally nifty and I appreciate, but I’ve been wanting to test out an U3 Smart Drive, which adds a layer of functionality to the drive. I’m testing out one such drive from Verbatim that comes packed with acdsee, a photo manager, Pass2Go, portable automated password manager; PowerBackup for data archiving; Zinio, a digital magazine reader; Migo for data synchronization, Mozilla Thunderbird for e-mail; and USafe for advanced security. Of course I can load my own software to the drive, either what I select from the U3 site (where software like Accomplice virtual assistant is available) or elsewhere, but the default software is definitely a value-add. What a great way to expand your user-base, and build loyalty with some basics that pretty soon I won’t be able to live without.

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