Pheedo Adds RSS Updates to Multimedia Ads

RSS advertising firm Pheedo is now providing the ability to push not only text updates to regular online ads using RSS, but also video and audio elements.

Pheedo’s FeedPowered Ad platform will also allow viewers of the advertisements to click to e-mail it to someone, bookmark it for later use, comment on it or tag it using services like Digg, and Reddit. Pheedo intends to foster a higher level of interaction with not only ready-to-buy individuals, but those who are merely curious.

“What we’re doing is bridging the gap between word of mouth and paid advertising,” said Bill Flitter, vice president of marketing and founder of Pheedo.

Information on who has used the e-mail or tagging options within the FeedPowered Ad system can be sent back to the advertiser and can inform later targeting.

Using RSS, advertisers can send updated information to ads on blogs and Web sites as often as every few minutes without having to develop new ad creative. The ads can also link directly YouTube videos, according to Flitter.

“It leverages existing content, so we can take the RSS feeds and upgrade the content,” he said.

Pheedo has been adding features like geotargeting and analytics to its offerings. It claims click through rates are higher for RSS updated ads verses standard online ads.

Richard Katz, director business development at Did-it Search Marketing, expressed an interest in the ads, though he couldn’t identify an immediate client need for constantly updated ads.

“The type of media that we are buying here for our clients doesn’t have such a time is the essence quality to it,” he said. “[But] anything that helps make advertisements better and more accurate, that puts the message in front of the prospect at the right time, that’s something we want to look at…. There is nothing more important than meeting the needs of a prospect immediately.”

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