Pheedo Intros RSS Analytics Tool

Pheedo is today expected to introduce an RSS analytics product designed to help publishers eliminate some of the guesswork involved in tracking user behaviors in that channel.

The new tool, similar to one now offered by FeedBurner, will let feed owners observe audience interactions with their content and ads. It can track metrics like feed subscriptions and clicks on content. It also provides visibility into ad clicks and impressions. And it can break out all of those behaviors by daypart, day-of-week and other factors.

Pheedo CMO Bill Flitter said the product will help publishers consolidate reporting for campaigns with both RSS and site-based placements.

“If you can have a sponsorship message in a feed, and that correlates to a sponsorship message on a Web page, that’s a cohesive package for an advertiser,” he said.

The product can also serve editorial development aims, Flitter said, such as what feed content is most often clicked on and whether that’s different from interactions on the Web site. “We felt that an extension of the ad service would provide publishers with [the ability to] make better decisions on the content.”

Pheedo’s core business is in RSS ad services. It operates an ad network that encompasses feeds and blogs.

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