Pheedo Unveils “Cut-and-Paste” RSS Ads

pheedo.pngRebecca Lieb and I visited the Emeryville offices of RSS advertising firm Pheedo yesterday to chat about its new offering called Ads for Feeds, being launched today. The service allows small publishers to incorporate ads into their RSS feed by simply cutting and pasting code into their feed template. Publishers who participate can also receive a limited number of metrics about their readers’ interactions with the feeds, such as ad revenue earned, views of editorial content, clicks and aggregator information. Pheedo’s more full-featured solution, which requires the company host the publisher’s feeds, is now called Ads for Feeds Plus.

The new Ads for Feeds is sort of a cross between the cut-and-paste RSS ad code available via Google, Yahoo! Publisher Network and Kanoodle, and the analytics services offered by the likes of FeedBurner. Ads can be priced on a CPM or CPC basis, the company says, and Pheedo sells the ads and shares revenues earned with the publishers. (The cut is the same on Ads for Feeds as it is on Ads for Feeds Plus.) Pheedo’s working with more than 8,000 publishers these days.

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